Have your say

Stage 1 Feedback

We want to hear your feedback on East Barnwell to help prepare for the next stage of this process. This is your home and your community, tell us what you like and what you don’t so you can help shape our proposals. Please zoom into key areas on the map, below, and click to leave your thoughts. When leaving your feedback you might want to consider some of the following questions;


  • What kind of homes would you like to see and where?
  • How could homes in the area be greener and more energy efficient?
  • The Environment

  • Which parts might require improvement and how?
  • What would make it easier for you to get around the area, especially when walking and cycling?
  • Recreation and Open Space

  • What recreation uses do you think the area needs?
  • How and where can they be provided?
  • What could be done to improve existing areas of open space or provide different open spaces?
  • This is not exhaustive and we are keen to hear any feedback from you about your community.

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